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    2 things. An Idea and ID LOCK

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    2 things. An Idea and ID LOCK Empty 2 things. An Idea and ID LOCK

    Post by Drow_Defreedo on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:58 am

    THING 1: ID LOCK WEPONS, WE NEED THEM NAO. The other day, some on puched whore a unit, and got his pistol and kill an other unit and a OfC. I had to kill the guy (whith out the /me, I know, im sorry) and killed any one who tried to get near the dead bodys (so the wont take the wepons and ect.)

    THING 2: An event idea for NOVA (cause there KING!). A O.T.A.´s helicopter is need for landing and a tune up (fixxing) the NOVA team has to get it ready for its long trip. Example, switching egiens, loading amo, filling it with gas, up grade the pilot seat with a massage chair, you know NOVA stuff.

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